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Urban Renewal & Real Estate
Hengyang·Zhongtai Fengjing

Hengyang?Zhongtai Fengjing is built by the Zhongtai Bank Real Estate Development Co. Ltd composed by Guangdong Zhongtai Group which mainly produces high quality buildings and Guangdong Unionpay Group. The project covers 153-unit area, construction area over 360,000m2, 45.2% above greening rate, construction density 18.5%, total of 1550 parking lots. The building is designed modern minimalist European style, consisting of a superposed villa, 2 scenery bungalows and 16 small and high rise houses. It is divided into three development phases.
The project package comes with adequate facilities, luxury clubs, stylish swimming pool, bilingual kindergarten and more, able 3-5 friends to spend their leisure time on coffee or bring children for swimming. A high-end, complete package leads to a comfortable, noble and respectful life. The project has elegant and beautiful garden, integrated infrastructure, which is the only large ecological and noble community in central city.

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