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Urban Renewal & Real Estate
Guangzhou·Zhongtai Tianjing

Guangzhou Zhongtai Paradise locates at the Huangpu district of Guangzhou. The new Huangpu district has been honored as a livable city, cohesive area of domestic industry

with global influence,the center of Maritime Silk Road in Guangzhou, port services and Pearl River Delta Enterprises, also the most notable area in Guangzhou East side.

The project is placed in the core area of Guangzhou Science City , Guangzhou Knowledge City and Guangzhou Education City  in Huangpu district. It enjoys over 100 million of

resources, covering area about 100,000m2 and total construction area of 300,000m2, total 1845 of residential households, 70 street shops, 2186 parking lots, 12 public

facilitiesand 1 kindergarten. Additionally,the project is close to the interchange railway station of “Zhen Long”, two station to “Tian He” and six station to

Pearl River city. It is surrounded with kindergartens, primary schools,secondary schools, hospitals, supermarket, banks and other facilities. The project itself has

built 30,000m2 of plaza, forming an area with mature and comprehensive community.

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