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Urban Renewal & Real Estate
Hengyang·Zhongtai Tianjing

       Zhongtai Tianjing is another masterpiece of thestrategic layout of Hengyang after Zhongtai Fengjing. It is the ecological corelocation of Lujia New District. It has a total investment of about 120 millionand covers an area of a park which is over 50,000㎡; close to the newlandmark of Hengyang City - the international exhibition center with a totalinvestment of 3 billion yuan; 400 acres of Yanmingxi wetland scenery belt inthe west; Hengzhou Avenue, the main urban road in the south, and 45,000 mu ofYumushan ecological scenic spot; The cloud track is direct, and themultidimensional stereo network reaches the Quartet. The surrounding leisure,shopping, education, transportation and other municipal facilities are readilyavailable. It enjoys the two core business districts of Jiefang Road andHuaxin; Nanhua Fuji, the new hospital of the Central Hospital is close at hand;adjacent to Hengzhou Primary School, Hengyang No.1 Middle School, Nanhua UniversityYumu Community, and more than ten famous schools, one-stop Elite education. Outof print, enjoy the city development dividend and have unlimited potential forappreciation.

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