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Urban Renewal & Real Estate
Chongqing·Zhongtai Shangjing

Chongqing Zhongtai is on the border, and the 600,000 square riverside low-densityecological city in the bank of the Minjiang River is located in Hechuan,Chongqing. It is the new masterpiece of Zhongtai Group's first entry into Chongqing. The project has a total construction area of 600,000 square meters. It is proud of the city's southern nuclear power circle. It is backed bythe original mountain range. It is about 3 kilometers away from the LijiangRiver. It has about 20,000 square meters of Zhaojiadu Water Ecological Park.The scarcity resources of one city are gathered here. The city offers a poeticdwelling. The project is adjacent to Yijiang (Liangjiang) two roads (Jinhua Road, Qisha Road) and Sanqiao (Xiao'anxi Bridge, Sanqiao, Siqiao), Sanhuan Expressway entrance and Lanhai Expressway, which are accessible to the whole city. At the same time, it is separated from Green Harbor Fortune Plaza and Baolong Square.It is full of food, drink and fun. It is only one river away from the university town area. It enjoys a full-fledged education package; the People's Hospital and the Chinese Medicine Hospital are healthy and worry-free, and lifeis more secure.

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