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Top executives of Zhongtai Group traveled 88 kilometers across the desert

      Following the conquest of the Teng Ge Li Desert, the Zhongtai group successfully crossed the Gobi and desert in Dunhuang from May 31 to June 2, 2019, completing a 3-day 88-kilometer journey beyond the limit.

      In the sandy and rocky loess, the Zhongtai team stepped forward steadily towards flag 01 and flag 100. The strength of teammates in the sand dunes and the sound of refueling around them when they rested and breathed were the solid strength to support the team to move forward. The accumulation of foot prints step by step was the perseverance of the team. Facing the double test of physical strength and spirit, the team never gave up, crossed Haohanpo and arrived at Mingsha Mountain terminal camp smoothly.

      Maybe late but never absent, maybe fall behind but never give up! After the sandstorm and the scorching sun, with "goal,action and perseverance", the Zhongtai people will be pushing forward. The spirit of hiking is just like the development concept of the Zhongtai Group,which is the belief of the Zhongtai people.

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