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Zhongtai Group holds a Summary Meeting On Mid-year Work in 2019

       From July 22nd to 23rd, 2019,the Mid-Year Work Summary Meeting of Zhongtai Group was successfully held in Huizhou, a beautiful coastal city. With the theme of "Concentrating on Development and Striving to Break through the Encirclement", the meeting summarized the achievements and key work in the first half of the year, sorted out and deployed the strategic layout and important management reform of the group, and also clarified the direction of the focus of the work of the companies in the second half of the year. Besides, the company pledged to maintain the annual business target of the group.

       In the first half of the year, the group completed all tasks and performance indicators under the national real estate control policy. The contracting and repayment targets of the real estate sector have been over-fulfilled; the urban renewal sector has initially completed the establishment of organizational structure and institutional system, and has begun to invest in the old village reconstruction development; the related business of the logistics sector has also made significant breakthroughs and progress; and the leisure sector continues to be the first in the industry.

       President Gao Pengfei put forward the working idea of "laying stress on quality, safety, profit and repayment", and deeply interpreted the optimization scheme of management, control and assessment promoted by the group in 2019, with emphasis on the new idea of profit-oriented and management capability assessment.

       In 2019, the Group attached great importance to the construction of an honest and clean government from top to bottom. At this meeting, the special activities of honest practitioners were officially launched. In the witness of the board of directors, President Gao Pengfei led all senior executives to read out the oath of honesty, trustworthiness,professionalism and integrity, which expressed the determination and confidence of Zhongtai people to love their posts, respect their profession and integrity.

       Finally, Chairman Chen Yan gave further instructions on the strategic direction of the group's development, market layout, product restructuring and talent reserve, and made it clear that the reform of management and assessment optimization had a milestone significance for the group's development. General managers are required to define their duties and responsibilities in the role of "captain", and to carry out their work with the management thinking of "being the master of the house".They are also encouraged to seize the opportunity and make scientific plans with a forward-looking vision so as to achieve sustainable development and win-win sharing of Zhongtai.

       Strive hard and move steadily ahead! The Mid-Year Summary Conference is both the end and the starting point. The conference unified the thought and cohesive force, stimulated the enthusiasm of struggle, and laid a solid foundation for the successful completion of the group's annual business objectives. Zhongtai people will continue to uphold the spirit of striving and striving for the goal of the second half of 2019.

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